Whirl-A-Way Flat Surface Concrete Cleaner BE #2000WAWY

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20" BE Pressure Supply Flat Surface Cleaner features:

  • 4000 PSI
  • Max Temp 180øF
  • 8.0 GPM
  • 20" Diameter
  • Uses the BE Pressure heavy-duty, contractor rated swivel.
  • Durable lightweight polyethylene yellow dome.
  • Nylon brush safety skirt
  • 2 Arm design
  • Trigger Gun Inlet: 3/8 QC Plug
  • Hover action won?t mar aggregate, pavers, or stamped concrete

    Pressure washer surface cleaners are powerful and reliable tools for getting the job done faster with fewer mistakes. They are used for high pressure cleaning of driveways, concrete floors, parking lots, roofs, warehouses, shuffleboard courts, outdoor basketball courts, boat ramps, garage floors, boat decks, and more. The benefits of using these tools are clear:
    1) faster; takes a lot less time to do the job.
    2) easier; takes a lot less effort to accomplish great results
    3) cheaper; durable tool cuts labor cost and lasts a long time ? an excellent investment which pays you back quickly
    4) better; produces visibly cleaner and more consistently even cleaning of surfaces. Eliminates streaking.

    USES: Removing rust flakes, deposits, algae and other contaminants from driveways, cleaning drive-through pads, dumpster pads, boat ramps, tennis courts, roofs, pools, decks , walkways, factory floors, docks, loading docks, and almost any other flat surface. Some models are suitable for indoor use in restaurants, saunas, public restrooms, industrial kitchens, and other areas where cleanliness is highly valued.

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Use with cold or hot water. Circular design allows cleaning right up to walls.

    Flat surface cleaners use 2 or 3 arms that spin up to 2000 RPM (revolutions per minute). At the end of each arm you will find a 1/4? spray nozzle that will clean a path from 8? to 36? wide (depending on which surface cleaner you use). These tools can remove dirt as much as 12 times faster than using a standard wand.

    Using this machine is simple. You walk behind the unit, moving it from side to side or backwards and forwards over the flat surface. The flow of water is controlled by a pressure washer trigger gun on the handle of the surface cleaner. A scrubbing action results from pressure applied very close to the surface at a slight angle through the nozzles under the dome. You are protected from debris loosened from the surface by the brush skirt or the side of the dome, which contain the high pressure spray under the dome. Effluent (gray water) escapes from under the brush skirt at low pressure.

    DESIGN: Some models are made with casters. Some are ?floaters? or ?hoverers? that use the pressure to keep the tool riding millimeters above the surface. Some use wheels on axles. All designs make the unit easy to move around. Caster units and floating units move easily from side to side. Axled units are moved forward and back. Since a wide path is covered and overlapped each time, striping and missed spots are virtually eliminated.

    CAUTION: If the arm strikes any surface while spinning, such as dropping off the side of a sidewalk and hitting the side, damage will result. If at any time you feel vibration when operating a surface cleaner, you should stop using it and inspect or replace the spray arm. Continued operation will result in expensive damage to the bearings in the swivel.

    If your surface cleaner has a grease fitting on the swivel, be sure to add grease regularly. That will help you get the most life from your swivel.

    Do not let any surface cleaner sit in one spot on soft surfaces like new concrete or wood. It can scar the surface. Keep a surface cleaner moving at all times.

    Q: Since there are two nozzles under my surface cleaner, is my pressure cut from 4000PSI to 2000PSI?

    A: In any pressure system, the pressure stays the same throughout the system. Actually it is your flow that is cut in half, so a 4GPM pressure washer causes each nozzle to put out 2GPM.

    Q: Does it save water?

    A: Because the work is done faster, the overall job uses significantly less water. If your pressure washer puts out 4 GPM and you use it for 30 minutes, you are using 120 gallons of water. If the surface cleaner gets the same area clean in just 10 minutes, you are only using 40 gallons.

    Q: Isn't the brush used to scrub the surface?

    A: NO! AtteMPTing to agitate the surface with the brush on a floating surface cleaner will just damage the brush and slow you down. Agitation is the result of high pressure.

    Q: Does this tool require a lot of maintenance?

    A: As always with any equipment, the better you take care of it the longer it will last. Read the manufacturer's instructions to learn how to maximize the performance and life of the tool. In most cases, adding grease to the swivel weekly is all it takes to make the swivel last for years.

    Q: How close does it get to walls?

    A: When the dome is against the wall, the arm spins about ?? of an inch away from the wall inside the dome.

    Q: Do you need a 4000PSI pressure washer to power a surface cleaner or is a smaller one OK?

    A: It takes a minimum of 2000 PSI to start an arm moving. The higher the volume and pressure, the faster and more efficient a surface cleaner is. We suggest a minimum of 3000PSI. Any less, and the surface cleaner may not work - and even if it does it won?t be very efficient. Spend money to upgrade your small pressure washer before you buy one of these.

    Q: Will a surface cleaner remove oil stains and bubble gum stains?

    A: A surface cleaner will eliminate soil from the surface. It will not eliminate the ghost of stains left deep in any concrete, however. Pre-soaking any soils will help you clean them faster and more deeply, but a shadow is still likely to be left behind.