Starting A Successful Residential Pressure Wash Service Company

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This course has been affectionately called Power Washing 101.

This class has been developed through the efforts of several contractors to help you get your new company off on the right foot or to help your existing company avoid the pitfalls. The focus of the class is PROFITABILITY!

Many times people going into this business think they understand the two elements involved: 1) Cleaning; and 2) The cleaning business. Everybody knows how to clean, right?

There is actually a huge difference between cleaning and "cleaning for profit". It's more than just getting the dirt off. In fact, it is all about how to get the dirt off within real time constraints without causing any damage to the surface being cleaned.

This manual starts out identifying how to select and buy the right equipment for the work you do, how to set up a contractor-friendly pressure wash rig, basic cleaning techniques, the chemistry of cleaning, and the environmental compliance aspect of cleaning. We will also spend some time on basic techniques for common jobs like house washing and driveway cleaning.

This manual is designed to give a student a full range of information useful to contractors. The focus of this course is building a profitable, professional company.

This is the right place to learn the basics, the common buzzwords of the industry, and ask all the questions that you might be too embarrassed to ask others.

You owe it to yourself to own this book!