Roofster Reel By Titan. 300' Capacity Full Frame Stainless Steel Plumbing

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This reel is custom-made for Sun Brite Supply of Maryland. We take the full-frame Titan and replace the internal plumbing with Stainless Steel - for durability even in the face of corrosive chemicals. Why pay for a reel built entirely of stainless when you don't have to? Aluminum welds hold better, too.

One of the best values for the money! A beautiful yet rugged reel, built to last. Can be set up as either right-hand or left-hand. Minor assembly required.

We offer reels in all price ranges. Experienced contractors know that better tools cost more, but provide better value over the life of the tool. This reel mixes aluminum and stainless construction for durability and value. Add some beauty and style to your rig without the cost of all-stainless.

Holds up to 300' of 3/8" high-pressure hose or 1/2" polybraid hose. Holds 200' of 1/2" rubber hose. Aluminum construction for strength and lightness. Stainless internal plumbing and swivel, so this reel is ideal even if you downstream strong chemicals like bleach. Includes spring-loaded locking pin.