Relax Action Trigger Gun St-2700 W/Stainless Plumbing

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A Stainless Steel trigger gun! If you use your injector system for bleach, sodium hydroxide, or other corrosive products, your guns are wearing out prematurely. Why experience short life and gun failure, when stainless guns prevent the problem. Get years from a gun, not weeks.

All Stainless Steel internal components create a durable long lasting trigger gun, especially suitable when using corrosive chemical. "Comfort technology" design actually helps the operator keep the trigger open. Fatigue is reduced, allowing longer work periods. All Stainless Steel components create a durable, long lasting trigger gun.

German-made. Exclusive "relax-action" trigger and comfort grip reduces trigger force up to 20% and holding force up to 60%.

Rated at 12 GPM and 5000 PSI and 300 degree temps. Unitized valve for easy repair. Forged brass housing for maximum strength