RCS 18" Flat Surface Cleaner

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Introducing the best value in low-cost flat surface cleaners! Similar to other low-cost surface cleaners but with a few very important improvements.

1. Bright blue ABS dome looks professional.

2. Toothed brush skirt directs the flow out the front and sides and away from the rear.

3. Comes with a relaxed-action trigger gun that stays open almost by itself. This will make doing long jobs much easier on your hand and arm.

4. Comes with easy knobs for breaking down the handle. This makes the surface cleaner easier to store in a smaller space.

5. This unit also has a unique nozzle bar that points the nozzles in a slightly outward direction. This means that you clean all the way to the outside edge of the brush skirt. That allows this surface cleaner to clean a full 18" path, the equivalent to a 19" model.

In all, this is the best value in economy surface cleaners we have found.