Mosmatic Roof Cleaner

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The Mosmatic Roof Cleaner DR-520 is an industrial quality tool specially designed for efficient, high pressure roof cleaning while keeping the operator in a safe operating area. The premium Mosmatic Swivel ensures optimum performance under harsh conditions. This new design allows the operator to maneuver and lower the roof cleaner along the roof surface by using the high pressure hose. The height and width adjustable cleaner works for most common roof constructions adding safety and stability.

The DR-520 is adjustable up to 3.54" extended width and 1.3" in height. It works for any type of roof constructions adding safety and stability

Safety Eye allows you to easily secure the roof cleaner with a safety rope or cable.

Pressure Valve allows for adjustable pressure and guarantees efficient cleaning on any type of roof surface or pitch.

Ball Valve makes it easy and convenient to turn off the flow to the unit.

Due to the diversity of this machine, you will need to purchase the nozzles separately.