AR Axial Pump For 5-6.5 Hp Engines With 3/4" Shaft

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Genuine AR axial replacement pump, complete with unloader and all plumbing. Rated at 2.5 GPM, 2700 PSI, fits 3/4" shaft. Ideal for 5-6.5 hp machines.

Can be used for pressure washers with the pump mounted on the side of the engine or mounted underneath.

This is a permanently sealed pump, so it never needs oil changes or lubrication. Comes complete with a new unloader and injector already plumbed in, so all you need to do is unbolt your old pump (four bolts) and bolt this one on in it's place. We even include new bolts to make the job easy!

Suitable for mounting on the side of any Honda or B & S engine with a 3/4" shaft.

Also suitable for vertical mounting (where the pump is mounted under the engine) if the bolt pattern matches. Pump has 8 mounting holes in the flange set 3 5/8" apart diagonally.

If you are handy enough to bolt on a new part, why spend $400 or more replacing your pressure washer when all you really need is a new pump?