When replacing quick-connects, there are a few things your supplier needs to know about your needs.

The first question you should be asked is about the material the QC is made of. Brass is the least expensive and most popular metal used, and brass QC's are great for regular use. Stainless Steel , on the other hand, is the smart choice if you downstream strong chemicals like bleach.

You should know that the good stuff is made in Europe or the US, but Asian QC's can be a good substitute where cost is a consideration. These fittings were substandard a decade ago, but their manufacturing tolerances are much better these days. Asian-made stainless QC's sells for about a quarter of the cost of the top brand of stainless fittings.

The next question is configuration of the QC you need. Most dealers refer to the male half of a QC as a "plug" and the female half as a "socket". If you call these pieces "male" and "female", you will confuse the issue.

Finally, we look at the threads - which ARE either male or female. Male threads (abbreviated MPT) screw into a fitting while fittings screw into female threads (FPT).

Ordering a "stainless Hansen QC socket with FPT" is a great way to help your supplier avoid guessing wrongly about what to send you.