March 29, 2014, in Maryland!
Starting And Building A Successful Pressure Wash Business


Rave reviews for this class! It includes the detailed information that everyone in this industry needs to start on the right foot.

  • Choosing what type of service to offer
  • What equipment you will need now and in the future
  • Choose the best value in equipment
  • How to maintain equipment
  • Setting up your work vehicle and work flow
  • How to choose the right chemicals
  • How to apply chemicals
  • How to maneuver with Clean Water Act compliance
  • How to manage your business for profit
  • How to bid jobs and win using the right price and methods
  • How to maximize profit on every job ...and much more!

Focus of class is PROFITABILITY! There is a huge difference between cleaning and "cleaning for profit". It's more than just getting the dirt off. In fact, it is all about how to get the dirt off as quickly as possible without causing any damage to the surface being cleaned.

This class has been endorsed by and presented to members of several trade organizations including PWNA, UAMCC, and IWCA. Attendees will get a good amount of "hands-on" experience (weather permitting).

The class starts at 9:00 AM will run from 3-5 hours. Morning coffee and donuts will be provided.

Certificate will be presented to every student who completes the class.

Tuition is $199 . Small class, one-on-one time. Space is limited. Sign up right away to assure yourself a seat.

To get a discount for more than one student from a single company, please call Contractors Foundation at 301-446-2530.