The hottest new market for pressure wash contractors in the last ten years is cleaning roofs! By taking this class from the Contractors Foundation, you will learn from experienced contractors how to identify prospective clients, how to explain what is causing the discoloration of their roofs, and why they should hire you to do fix the problem instead of another contractor.

This roof cleaning course is taught by contractors with over 20 years of experience in pressure washing roofs, houses, buildings and other services. They are true experts in the pressure washing industry with years of experience teaching pressure washing courses to hundreds of contractors.

Learn the step by step methods, processes and tools that will help you clean roofs in about an hour. Learn about the special systems that professional roof cleaning contractors, like our instructors, have been using successfully in the field for over 20 years. Get the training you need to do the job correctly, and safely without damaging the roof surface or having a fatal accident.

Find out how your local competitors are cleaning roofs and learn how you can outperform, outsell and out-market them using industry-approved techniques. This course teaches you how to make more money for the jobs that you do and help you from making the same costly mistakes that your competitors make.

Also included in this in depth roof cleaning class is a Certification exam, to demonstrate that you have learned all of the skills that you need to perform roof cleaning successfully. Use this Certification to market your company's knowledge of roof cleaning, and get more jobs in your area than you thought possible.

Contractors Foundation will also be launching a new National Directory of certified pressure washing contractors. Anyone who becomes certified through Contractors Foundation will receive a free listing in this directory along with their specialty.

For information, please call Contractors Foundation at 301-446-2530