We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases from us. Please let us know right away if you have any problems or questions about any purchase. You can email us at info@sunbritesupplymd.com

All Sales At Sun Brite Supply Are Considered “FINAL” and we do not accept returns on sale items or gift cards. This is our strict policy, not subject to change or interpretation or exceptions. Our low prices are dependent on policies like this. Truth is, most of the items we sell are not suitable for return because of the cost and hassle of a return shipment. For example, if Ready Seal does not perform as your customer expects this is not a warranted situation. The manufacturer has no control over how you prepped the surface or applied the product. Since you opened the container to use it, that container is not returnable for that reason as well. Finally, shippers won't accept containers of liquid that have been opened.

At the time you place your order, our process includes reading the complete order back to you and verifying the "Ship To" address and the credit card you want to use. Once we have read your order back to you and you have verbally approved the information, the order is processed immediately. Please pay attention during this phase of the order process, because this is the last chance you have to make any corrections.

If a purchaser changes his mind about wanting any item ordered for any reason, and doesn’t realize that fact until after the purchaser attempts to use or install the item, the purchaser has already made a FINAL purchase.

Nevertheless, if a purchaser assures us he did NOT open the package and did NOT try to install the item, he can return an item to us for a full store credit OR a partial refund sent by check. Items can be returned only under the following conditions:

• The customer must pay the cost of returning the item. He must pre-arrange for the return by calling us for an RGA number, and must clearly mark the exterior of the carton with that RGA number. Boxes that come in without any RGA number stump us completely, and we frequently end up just donating those items to a local police charity.

• Customers must return the item to us within 30 days.

• Goods that have been used or installed or damaged or even just improperly handled or are missing any parts cannot be returned under any circumstances – no exceptions.

• Electrical parts of any nature (motors, electric burner igniters, transformers, burner assemblies, etc.). cannot be returned under any circumstances – no exceptions.

• Books and manuals are not accepted for return under any circumstances.

• Custom-made items and items made-to-order such as burner exhaust kits are not returnable.

• Liquids such as opened sealers or cleaners will not be accepted for return. Liquids that have not been opened may be returned, but be advised that shipping products back that are classified as Dangerous Goods require a certified packer and a payment of the Dangerous Goods fee to the shipping company.

• Any item for return must be in the original container and complete with all parts and manuals usually provided with that item. An item returned without any of the above mentioned items or items judged to be in a “used” state in our opinion or in less-than-perfect condition will not be accepted and no credit will be issued. Under these circumstances, the customer can get the item back by arranging to pay the freight cost to return the item.

• Credit for returned goods is the customer's choice of either a 100% ‘store credit’ or a 75% refund sent by check within 30 days of acceptance of the return. The 25% deduction covers our cost of handling your order and the charges taken from us by the credit/debit card companies. No refunds are made to credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts. No exceptions. Store credits expire after 12 calendar months.

There are, by nature, some products that can't be returned - such as opened liquids. Sorry, but freight costs are not ever refundable.


If you place an order on-line and then attempt to cancel that order after the fact, our policy is:

1) If the order has not left our shipping warehouse, then you will be allowed to cancel the order. This refund will be done as a store credit only.

2) If the order has already shipped, then we will work with you to re-route the shipment back to us. You will be responsible for all expenses involved, which includes all freight costs (including the additional freight to re-route the shipment) plus our time. Refunds are in the form of store credit only. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Once an order is placed, we speed into action to get the item shipped as quickly as possible. Calling us to add to an order already placed has to be treated as a separate order.

Leasing Equipment

Sun Brite Supply of Maryland can arrange lease financing for any large equipment purchase. Typically, purchases must be $1000 or more, and the buyer has to have been in business for more than one year. We can arrange leases for start-up companies if the owner has good personal credit. The rates are competitive, and the application can be processed right on the phone within minutes. Please email us at info@sunbritesupplymd.com or call 301-519-9274 to get the process started. Internet pricing does not apply to lease-purchases.

Non-US Orders

All transactions are in U.S. dollars. Customers outside of the U.S. are required to pay for large orders by wire transfer. Call us for additional information.

Products, Warranties, and DIY Users

Our primary customer is a contractor who already has some experience and/or training on how to use strong cleaners and high-powered equipment. Frequently, contractor products are often made more concentrated to produce larger quantities (and thus may be inherently stronger) than most untrained or inexperienced people should use.

Caveat Emptor. Most of the items we sell can be inherently dangerous if not used by trained or experienced people. We expect any purchaser to have all necessary experience and training prior to attempting to use any product we sell.

We do not warrant the suitability of any product for any specific purpose or use. We do not accept responsibility for how any product may be used or mis-used. We are not responsible for any damage or loss that may result from using any product sold by us. We cannot determine if an order comes from an experienced or inexperienced contractor or a DIYer on our end. Our policy is to fill every order as it comes in, without verifying the experience level of the purchaser.

To help DIYers and less-experienced users find products more suitable to their needs and level of expertise, and to present alternatives to contractor-strength products, we have added a "DIY" section of products on this store.

The seller, Sun Brite Supply of Maryland, does not warrant the quality or suitability of any product sold. Any warranty, if provided, is solely provided by the manufacturer of the product. If you wish to present a warranty claim on any product you purchase from us, we will facilitate that process to the best of our ability but we will not replace any item except through the original manufacturer of that item according to that manufacturer's specific warranty repair or replacement process. If you wish to pursue a warranty issue on any product you purchase from us, please call us at 301-519-9274 to make arrangements for us to handle the process for you.


All prices and terms on this internet store are "Internet Only" prices and therefore are for web shoppers only. Store prices may vary by location. Telephone Shoppers are charged in-store prices. Special low pricing is available for high-volume contract purchases.

Items and prices found on this web store are for Contractors Only - other than the items listed in the DIY section of the store.

All prices are subject to change without notice. We accept most major credit cards.

If you place a phone order for any custom-made equipment or non-stock items, a non-refundable deposit of 50% will be charged to your account at the time the order is placed. The balance will be charged when the item is shipped or picked up.

Sales Tax is collected on sales within the state of Maryland on our web store. Other out-of-state customers are responsible to report and pay sales tax to the state where they live.

Please don't be offended, but orders from first-time customers may take a few moments longer to process. Due to the sheer number of credit card problems these days, we have to limit the size of orders from customers we don't know yet. We also verify that the "ship-to" address of orders from new customers matches the billing address for their credit card. Forgive us for being cautious. We will get to know ya'll soon enough, though, so don't worry.

Due to credit card fraud and identity theft we also verify the credit card information before we ship any part of the order. This may delay the shipping of your order. To help us, please make sure that all information you enter in the billing screen is accurate to ensure the fastest processing times. We will contact you and resolve any problems as fast as possible so you can get your order in the best time frame.

Minimum order size is $40 on this store.