March 30, 2014

Cleaning and Sealing Wood Decks & Fences

Here is the hands-on seminar so many of you have been asking for! The premier and most detailed class on deck restoration found anywhere.

Restoring weather-damaged decks and fences is one of the most lucrative specialties for residential contractors to take on, taught in this class by one of the most successful contractors in this business. This class has launched hundreds of successful contractors since first being offered in 1998.

Contractors who understand wood, sealers, and the chemistry of this work are in great demand. It is possible to earn between $100 and $300 per hour doing this. The focus of the class is to teach and demonstrate the techniques, tools, and products that will give you the edge and the potential to earn that kind of money.

Learn how to determine the type of wood used, how to select a cleaner or stripper for any job, learn the best job techniques and tools, talk about how to select a good sealer for your operation, learn the secrets of how to price your work, and lots more!

We will strip a deck or fence and seal one during the class, so that every student gets a good feel for doing this work (weather permitting).

The class starts at 9:00 AM will run most of the day. Students will learn everything they need to know to Certify with either UAMCC or Contractors Foundation (or both). Passing one of these tests is guaranteed. If you don?t pass, you may take the class over at no charge.

Tuition is $599 Small class size with one-on-one time. Space is limited. Sign up right away to assure yourself a seat.

To get a discount for more than one student from a single company, please call Contractors Foundation at 301-446-2530.