I Bet You Didn't Know All This About Ready Seal!

15 More Reasons For Contractors To Use This Amazing Deck Sealer:

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1. No cool weather temperature limitations, so your sealing season can be up to 3 months longer every year!

2. Apply right up until the rain starts falling, so you get several more ?sealing days? every month! A sudden rain will not affect the finish and appearance of Ready Seal, either.

3. Goof-Proof! Easy to apply with no runs, laps, or streaks. Can be applied with a Deckster, pump-up sprayer, brush, HVLP sprayer, or roller. You can achieve professional results on your very first application!

4. This semi-transparent sealer is available in eight deep, rich ?customer impressing? colors. Ready Seal provides a soft color with no sheen, so it is extremely natural looking on wood.

5. No ?back-brushing? needed. Flows out evenly when applied according to directions.

6. Ready Seal does not ever form a film or coating. You can scratch the surface and it will not show because the color is deep down into the wood.

7. Applies faster than other sealers. Get done with the job in record time! Training new employees is faster and easier, too!

8. Ready to walk on in as little as 15 minutes - with no footprints!

9. Environmentally-friendly formula. Fully VOC compliant. Ready Seal has never had to change its formula to meet VOC regulations!

10. Ready Seal?s inert paraffinic oil does not contain any sugars or starches (like mineral oil or vegetable oil sealers) that could promote the growth of mold, mildew, or algae over time.

11. Lasts up to five years on vertical surfaces.

12. Fully penetrates, so you never have to strip it off! Allows you to offer annual maintenance contracts, which add to your profitability and helps keep your customers away from competitors. Maintenance applications go right over the previous coat.

13. If you ever do have to strip Ready Seal off, it strips easily with ANY available deck strippers.

14. Outstanding contractor support from Sun Brite Supply of Maryland comes with every pail of Ready Seal!

15. Priced below other premium contractor-grade sealers!

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