An X-Jet (any model) is a detergent delivery system that allows you to clean exterior surfaces up to 30 feet high without a ladder. It is safer for you, and better for the exterior surface.

The X-Jet has a stainless steel heart that holds up to corrosive chemicals like bleach, so it is ideal for house washing. By the way, this fabulous tool keeps bleach and detergent from travelling through your reel, hose, and trigger gun - which means theose items will last as long as possible.

Use the X-Jet to spray your cleaner wherever you want to clean. Let the cleaner sit on the surface for about 10 minutes, and then turn off the soap and spray clear rinse water everywhere you previously sprayed cleaner. This method allows both the soap and the rinse water to land on the surface at near-zero pressure. No damage, no streaks.

Setting up your X-Jet detergents is simple. Decide which proportioner will be best for your purposes. I have a 5.5 GPM rig, and I selected the gray proportioner. With my equipment, the gray proportioner should deliver around 3.5:1. I calculated the following from that:

If I have 12.5% bleach, I use 1 gallon of PowerHouse with 1.5 gallons of bleach and 2.5 gallons of water. The result is that I diluute PowerHouse. to around 17.5:1 which works fine. The bleach is on the surface at about a 1% concentration, which is ideal for most house wash jobs. If I have to substitute store bleach (6%) my bleach doubles to 3 gallons and the water drops to 1 gallon. I get exactly the same cleaning power doing this, with PowerHouse at 17.5:1 and the bleach at 1%,

I use the X-Jet in other ways, too. On flatwork, I like to apply Concrete Cleaner to a typical driveway using the X-Jet - all in about 30 seconds. I allow the soap to dwell for ten minutes and then I start washing with my surface cleaner.

If you are interested in downloading a spreadsheet to determine the cleaning mix for your next wash job - using the X-Jet - you can download it here. here.