Steel Support Strap For 525 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank
Steel Support Strap For 525-Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank Sale Price: $119.00

Made to fit either the 525-Gallon Tank above. May be either galvanized or powder-coated. These are single straps. In most cases you will need two straps.

325 Gallon Tank For Pick Up Trucks
325-Gallon Tank For Pick-Up Trucks Sale Price: $599.00

Designed to fit full-size pick-ups. (62" diameter at top, 49" diameter at bottom, 32" overall height, 8" fill opening, 2" outlet.) Low profile for better vision. The fill opening is offset to one side to make it easier to reach.

225 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank Ideal For Trailer Mounting
225 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank - Ideal For Trailer Mounting. Sale Price: $569.00

White cylindrical tank (38"D x 49"L) with 8" fill opening on top and 2" outlet at base. The design of the legs in this tank forms baffles to reduce "sloshing". Requires two steel support straps for fixed mounting to a surface. See below.


These tanks are manufactured to strict quality guidelines to ensure years of high-performance use. Rugged, impact resistant, one-piece seamless polyethylene construction. Suitable for a range of liquids from potable water to herbicides and a wide range of industrial chemicals.

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