Oil Sock 4 X 3 For Filtering Oil From Waste Water Flow
Oil Sock, 4' x 3" For Filtering Oil From Waste Water Flow Sale Price: $5.00

Absorbs oil but not water. Can be placed in reclaim water to absorb the oil and oily residue. These socks are the first line of defense for oil problems. These flexible, easy-to-shape oil-absorbent socks are specifically designed to absorb up to 15 times their weight in oil spills and are non-biodegradable. Oil Socks are great for outdoor or indoor application. Oil absorbent socks are easy to shape and mold. They provide a freeform dike for spills, too.

Drain Cover Water Filled 4 X 4
Drain Cover Water-Filled 4' X 4' Sale Price: $129.00

A drain cover seals off storm drains as your last line of defense for environmental cleaning. Drain covers supplement the protection offered by sand snakes and portable dikes, ensuring your compliance with Clean Water Act regulations. Fill the drain cover with water at the job to give this the weight it needs to seal off the drain. Drain it when you are finished for lightweight, easy handling and storage. Strong 22-ounce PVC construction with heavy-duty pull straps at the corners. NOTICE: Current production time for these items can be up to three weeks.