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This cleaning head is designed to use in pipes, shafts, vents, drains, barrels, containers, tanks, and garbage chutes. The cleaners are self-rotating and constructed of Stainless Steel to stand up to tough jobs. Your high-pressure water is diverted to two or three nozzles that rotate at high speed to blast away soil. Operation is simple! Just attach the duct spinner to the high-pressure hose of your pressure wash system and drop it down a vertical duct. Typical control mechanism is a foot valve or ball valve.

The self-rotating cleaning heads are available with fixed or swivel arms. The swivel arms allow you to adjust the spray angle. Fixed arms are factory-set for maximum impact.

The Mosmatic Duct Cleaner is protected by a Stainless Steel cage to prolong the life of the rotor arm inside.

The centerpieces of these duct spinners are the swivel. The swivel is self lubricating, with Stainless Steel ball bearings and a carbide gasket system. They are specially designed for high revolutions ensuring long lasting durability.

The adjustable feature of the duct spinners on this page means that the spray arms can be moved to create different spray angles.

Nozzles sold separately, lower on this page.