Gutter Adapter For Telescoping Wand W 22mm Fitting
Gutter Adapter For Telescoping Wand W/22mm Fitting Sale Price: $10.73

Clean gutters without a ladder! Angled for gutter cleaning, this accessory attaches in seconds to the 22mm coupler on your telescoping wand.

Pole Clamp For Telescoping Wands Belts
Pole Clamp For Telescoping Wands-Belts Sale Price: $6.19

Attaches to your telescoping wand and allows you to clip the wand onto your Anti-Fatigue Belt & Strap (shown on this page).

Anti Fatigue Belt And Strap For Telescoping Wand
Anti-Fatigue Belt and Strap For Telescoping Wand Sale Price: $36.00

Reduces stress and strain on back, arms and shoulders with our adjustable anti-fatigue strap and belt. For right handed users only. Requires a Pole Clamp to be installed on every long wand you will be using this for.