1/4 Meg Soaper Nozzle 65 40 For Pressure Washers
Quarter Meg Soaper Nozzle 65-40 Sale Price: $3.99

Our quarter Meg soap nozzles have an enlarged orifice to create a significant pressure drop in order to activate your downstream chemical injector. If you are not using a chem injector, the soap nozzle can be used as an alternative low-pressure rinse method. This Soap Nozzle has 1/4" M NPT threads and a hardened brass body.The Spraying Systems Brass 1/4" MPT Nozzle is designed for low pressure applications. It is an inexpensive brass alternative to more costly replaceable nozzles.It features a feathered edge for wide coverage, allowing you to apply soap more expediently. It is an excellent choice for low pressure chemical and acid applications. Can be used like a Quick Connect nozzle if screwed into a 1/4" QC plug with FPT (i.e. 1194 or 4602). Brass 1/4" MPT Nozzle, 6540     Maximum Pressure: 700 PSI     Nozzle Size: #40     65° Fan     Feather edge for wide coverage


In order for your downstream soap injector to operate on your pressure washer, you must replace your regular nozzle with a "soaper" nozzle. this drops the pressure down to less than 600 PSI, and starts the soap flowing into the stream of water.