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1/4" QC Nozzles in various orifice sizes and spray angles. Singles and Sets available.

Large color-coded pressure washer nozzles permit rapid identification of fan angle. Compatible with quick connects from most manufacturers. Hardened Stainless Steel orifice offers superior wear resistance compared to standard case hardened nozzles. Stainless Steel housing resists cracking and wear. Resistant to most chemicals. Laser marked for clarity and durability. Select the right orifice size for your equipment by using our online Nozzle Chart. MAXIMUM PRESSURE: 5000 PSI.

Keep in mind that all of the pressure in your system relies on the exact opening in the nozzle. Every time you use a nozzle, the opening wears a little from the high pressure and the overall amount of pressure delivered by your equipment consequently drops a little every time you use it.

This all happens so gradually over time that a lot of contractors don't realize the change. Nozzles for pressure washers are wear items that should be replaced regularly. If you haven't bought new nozzles in two or three years, you might be amazed at the difference new nozzles can make. Most operators use the yellow, green, and/or white nozzles every day, and less than $10 (at these prices) will get you new replacements every Spring!