General Pump Genuine Pump Oil
General Pump Genuine Pump Oil Sale Price: $9.00

Specially blended pump crankcase lubricating oil, 30W viscosity, nondetergent. Approved and recommended for use in all General Pump/InterPump crankcases. Recommended for use in other pressure washer pump crankcases. Not for use in internal combustion engines. Special anti-scuff and anti wear agents extend the lives of gear, vane, radial piston and plunger pumps. Resists foaming and aeration which would result in erratic equipment operation and increased oil oxidation. Highly resistant to oxidation that would result in sludge formation. Resists formation of harmful oil water emulsions. Compatible with typically used seals and gaskets. High viscosity index (VI) means more constant operating characteristics over wide temperature ranges. Low pour point assures fluid flow during cold weather operation. Outstanding thermal and hydrolytic stability assures long oil life. Exceeds wear prevention requirements of all major hydraulic pump manufacturers. Change oil after 40 hour break-in period, and every three months or 500 hour intervals thereafter. Regular lubrication is the easiest, most efficient and least expensive element in preventive maintenance. 16 oz Bottle

Beacon Pump Lube For Pressure Washer Pumps
Beacon Pump Lube For Pressure Washer Pumps Sale Price: $9.86

Multi-viscocity for all industrial grade high pressure pumps. 10W30 ISO 68 grade. Low pour point (-)20°F. Quart (32 oz) bottle.

Cat Pumps Original Pump Oil
Cat Pumps Original Pump Oil Sale Price: $11.00

21 oz. Special blend, multi-viscosity petroleum based hydraulic lubricant for high pressure hydraulic systems. Non-detergent for greater wear and protection at high RPM and high pressure. Anti-wear, high pressure and oxidizer inhibitor additives for maximum protection and wear. Runs significantly cooler than typical lubricants, enhancing the longevity of components.

Ar Pump Oil Case Of 12 By Annovi Reverberi
AR Pump Oil (Case Of 12) By Annovi Reverberi Sale Price: $77.42

Case of (12) 16oz Bottles of AR Pump Oil

Cat Pump Oil 12 Pack Deal
Cat Pump Oil 12 Pack Deal Sale Price: $119.20

Case of 12 21oz Bottles of Cat Pump Oil


Good lubrication is the easiest, most effective and least expensive preventative maintenance for your pump. Change your pump oil every 3 months or at 500 hour intervals.

Available in case packs as well; listed below the single bottles on the product's page.