We offer two types of water diverters for environmental cleaning, Sand Snakes and Water Dikes.

Both styles are perfect booms for routing water where you want it and containing waste water from the areas you don't want it!

Sand Snakes are made from tough PVC, so they will stand up to rough surfaces and last a long time under normal treatment.

When rounding up wash water is a problem, put these Snakes to work. Just position the Snakes in the path of water and direct the flow to your collection point for easy removal.

We suggest that you half-fill the Snakes with sand or a mixture of sand and vermiculite for lighter weight and easier handling.

Water Dikes are similar to Sand Snakes but they can be filled with water or sand. Made of heavy duty PVC, these Water Dikes are designed to stand up to normal use on rough surfaces with minimal care. Water dikes will not stand up to being dragged across pavement, however.

We recommend that you fill them with water on the job to give you an excellent seal (preventing used wash water from passing underneath). Once the job is finished, you can simply drain them out for convenient and lightweight handling and storage.

NOTICE: Current production time for water dikes (not sand snakes) can be up to three weeks.