Gutter Adapter For Telescoping Wand W 22mm Fitting
Gutter Adapter For Telescoping Wand W/22mm Fitting Sale Price: $10.73

Clean gutters without a ladder! Angled for gutter cleaning, this accessory attaches in seconds to the 22mm coupler on your telescoping wand.

Pole Clamp For Telescoping Wands Belts
Pole Clamp For Telescoping Wands-Belts Sale Price: $6.19

Attaches to your telescoping wand and allows you to clip the wand onto your Anti-Fatigue Belt & Strap (shown on this page).

Anti Fatigue Belt And Strap For Telescoping Wand
Anti-Fatigue Belt and Strap For Telescoping Wand Sale Price: $36.00

Reduces stress and strain on back, arms and shoulders with our adjustable anti-fatigue strap and belt. For right handed users only. Requires a Pole Clamp to be installed on every long wand you will be using this for.

Mccauley Spray Flex
McCauley Spray Flex Sale Price: $83.75

The McCauley Sprayflex holds its shape under high pressure. Bend it to 90 degrees - and direct the spray right where you want it. Bends in any direction. Threaded ends Clean the outside of decks from the inside Excellent for cleaning gutters without getting wet. Safely clean pitched roofs. Clean engines from all sides, not only from the top. Use your pressure washer more efficiently with more control and greater ease. Technical Notes: Works with any tip. 5000 PSI maximum pressure. Attaches easily to any wand. 1/4" FPT x 1/4" MPT. 190 F. maximum.


We carry many straight lances for pressure washing. From stainless lances that offer durability to aluminum lances that are lightweight and easy to use. We also have many insulated wands for hot water use. We sell the grips to add to existing pressure washing wands and lances. Dual lance wands are available for adjusting your pressure with out changing your tips. Great for cleaning wood and other delicate surfaces.