House washing is one of the most common services offered by contractors to customers. Done with the right tools, a job goes quickly (an hour or less) and provides excellent results.

One of the most important tools for house washing is the detergent you choose. It allows you to thoroughly clean without using any pressure. We have all seen the resulting damage when an inexperienced cleaner used his 6 HP pressure washer to bear down with direct pressure on every square inch of siding. Touchless is way better, folks!

We offer only the cleaners we have had success with ourselves in the field. "Contractor-proven" means that you can trust the cleaners for effectiveness and great value. It’s economical to use this method, too. A jug of PowerHouse will wash about 12,000 square feet of surface area, or about 6 houses, for example. We like PowerHouse because it is aggressive, and we like Eco Wash because it is bleach-stable, so you can keep house wash mixes indefinitely without breaking down.

Another important tool is the X-Jet. No matter which model of X-Jet or which of our detergents you choose, the X-Jet can keep you off ladders while the detergent delivers strong cleaning power to your customers. As an alternative, a shooter tip can work with an injection system if you understand how to set them up and you have a high-end adjustable injector.

The concept in house washing is to do all of the work with good chemical cleaners rather than with physical scrubbing or pressure. It's easier for the contractor and better for the surface of the house. No missed spots and no damaged areas from high pressure.

Always soap from the bottom up and rinse from the top down. You simply apply a strong cleaner to the surface of the house and let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing it off.

You can accomplish the job with many different ingredients, but using the specialty cleaners below (and possibly adding sodium hypochlorite (bleach) if there is mold) are the primary ingredients that most professionals rely on. Our experience with these detergents is that they quickly break down and loosen the hydrocarbons that make up the atmospheric dirt stuck to the house surface - for you to rinse away.

If you are interested in downloading a spreadsheet to determine the cleaning mix for your next wash job - using the X-Jet - you can download it here.

Side note: We demonstrated the X-Jet for our Work Comp carrier and got our premium reduced because it indicated that we would not normally use a ladder for a house wash job.