Pa Foam Cannon Without Soap Bottle
PA Foam Cannon Without Soap Bottle Sale Price: $71.48

Same as other PA Foamer, but without attached bottle. Drop your line into your detergent container.

Pa Chemical Injecting Foam Nozzle
PA Chemical Injecting Foam Nozzle Sale Price: $87.16

With soap container attached. Dispenses thick clinging foam to any surface. Ideal for cleaning kitchen areas. Up to 6.6 GPM, 2845 PSI, 176 degrees. 5.5 orifice nozzle.

St 73 Foamer W 32 Oz Bottle
ST-73 Foamer W/32 Oz. Bottle Sale Price: $78.19

Chemical injector is Stainless Steel and corrosive resistant 5 position metering valve for chemical draw Easy to fill wide mouth bottles with fill markings Integrated injector (no additional injector required) Concentration: Position 1.......2-2.5% Position 2....4-4.5% Position 3....5-5.5% Position 4.... 6.5-7% Position 5....7.5-8%


Dispense thick clinging foam to any surface. Use for areas such as restaurant hoods, meat packing plant for walls, floors, or meat cutting boards.