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Now Even Stronger Than Before, with an improved formula to attack the greasy messes around restaurants!

Contains an organic solvent to help dissolve and remove grease, oil, black tire marks, etc on driveways, drive-through lanes, gas station islands, dumpster pads, and more.

Cuts your time on the job two ways. First, this cleaner attacks oily soil, breaking it down. Then it provides "lift" to the soil, making it float on top where it flows with the wash water. Using this cleaner means you won't have to spend time rinsing most flatwork, cutting your time even more!

It's economical to use, too. Dilutes at 15:1. for most flatwork. Dilution varies according to the job. A 5-gallon jug is enough cleaner for up to 12,000 square feet of surface, which translates into 10-12 typical driveways. Costs less than a penny per square foot to use - less than to use than home-brewed cleaners. Does a much better, faster job, too.