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We have a GREAT package deal on every pressure washer we sell - a great price on great equipment from a great dealer. We are a well-established power wash supply house in the greater DC area, and we are online to serve you 24-7.

Why buy a cold water pressure washer? Cold-water pressure-washers offer excellent portability at a very affordable price. Quality varies widely, and is usually reflected in the price. You get what you pay for. Since we sell primarily to professional contractors, we can only offer equipment that we believe will handle the work.

We suggest at least 3.5 to 4 GPM (the higher the better) and at least 3000 PSI in any pressure washer intended for professional cleaning. The machines here are connected to a water supply through a garden hose, so anywhere you have access to water you can do a pressure washing job.

Painters love these powerful, low-cost machines for pre-paint prep. Handyman services stand out from the crowd when they use equipment like this. Perfect for residential flatwork like drives, walks, and patios, If you intend to aim for commercial cleaning, consider hot water instead. (Remember that the cold water equipment you buy today can have hot water added tomorrow by adding a Hot Box down the road.)

We offer a full range of contractor-grade equipment, from entry-level pressure-washers to high-volume equipment built with aluminum frames and the best pumps and engines - and that's all we sell.

Here are the most popular sizes of cold-water equipment purchased from us by contractors over the last several years, from 4 to 5.5 GPM.

The larger the engine, the higher the GPM flow and the faster a power-washer finishes the job. Common sense and experience will prove that if you try to clean with anything much less than 4 GPM, for example - you just can’t compete effectively. This is true even on residential work, because the jobs take so much longer to complete with smaller equipment.

There are both belt-drive and direct-drive machines, with belt-driven units costing a little more - but they deliver double and even triple the pump life over direct-drive.

We can deliver your choice of hundreds of power washers from s few different manufacturers. If you have any questions or want some advice about what model to buy or for equipment lease quotes, talk to the pros at Sun Brite Supply of Maryland. 301-519-9274. We’ve got the answers!