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Wood Britener Neutralizer 2Lbs Jar

Wood Britener® Neutralizer 2Lbs Jar 94010a
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Wood Britener is a specially-designed rinse for wood that has been cleaned with a caustic cleaner. It contains no detergent, but is a combination of oxalic, phosphoric, and citric acids which return the pH of wood to the proper level to accept a coat of new sealer. It also neutralizes any residue of caustic stripper that is left in the wood.

One small container makes 5 gallons wood neutralizer - enough to treat 750 square feet of surface or more.

Pour the entire content of Wood britener into a five gallon pail and fill the pail with warm water. Mix thoroughly. Apply the cleaner with a pump-up sprayer to the surface and allow it to dwell on the surface for up to 20 minutes. Rinse the treatment off gently with your garden hose. It will brighten the wood to a nice light color overnight.

Wood Britener is the best "final preparation" for oil sealers like Ready Seal.

CAUTION: This is a strong product intended for use by those experienced in handling strong cleaners. Read full label for directions and cautions. The seller assumes no responsibility for how you use this product.

Always be careful to protect eyes and skin from exposure to any cleaning agent. Keep away from children and pets. Pre-wet all nearby plant life before application. If any plants are exposed to this product, rinse thoroughly immediately to prevent damage.

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Wood Britener Neutralizer 2Lbs Jar