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Truck-Mount Pressure Power Wash Systems

Truck-Mount Pressure Power Wash Systems

Find Truck-Mount pressure wash systems here. When you look for portability in power washing, one huge consideration is whether or not water is always readily available where you need to clean. If the answer is "No" or "Sometimes" then this truck-mount pressure wash systems might be the perfect solution for you!

These machines are built on aluminum skids designed to slide into most pickup trucks or be set on trailers. They are designed to be lifted on forks easily. These machines get you out pressure washing the day they arrive!

NOTE: 100-gallon power wash rigs require 39" clearance between the wheel wells. 200-gallon units require 49" clearance. Dimensions below.

These sweet skids feature Honda engines and a General or AR pump to create durable workhorses that can be set up for use instantly and then potentially stored away until the next use. The skids are made with aircraft aluminum for obvious strength and weight advantages. These skid rigs mount quickly and securely into truck beds, trailers or other vehicles.

All truck-mount pressure wash systems feature adjustable-pressure unloaders,too.

Most buyers go for the 100-gallon tank size. That size will provide considerable washing time (25 - 33 minutes of "real trigger time" at either 3 or 4 GPM).

NOTE: All 100 gallon units are fully factory assembled (200 gallon units require minor assembly).


100-Gallon skids with reel 39″W x 62″L x 44″H
200-Gallon skids with reel 49˝ W x 62˝ L x 53˝ H 49˝