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Extra Thick For Faster Applications

Wooster Sealer Brush 5.5 For Deck Sealing deck-stain-brush-wooster-5-5-white-china-bristle
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Item # deck-stain-brush-wooster-5-5-white-china-bristle

This special white china bristle brush is over an inch thick so it holds lots more stain than other brushes. That means fewer stops to load up the brush, making the job go faster and easier. Perfect for oil sealers like Ready Seal.

The regular handle can be unscrewed and replaced with an extended handle or even a standard threaded 5' pole. This allows you to brush-apply sealer without all of the bending normally associated with brush applications.

Features a built-in hook for hanging the brush on your pail, too.

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Wooster Sealer Brush 5.5 For Deck Sealing