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Severe Strip Deck Stripper And Stain Remover Even Strips Acrylics

Severe Strip® Deck Stripper And Stain Remover Even Strips Acrylics 94051-(Case-of-Four-Gallons)
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Item # 94051-Case-of-Four-Gallons

Case of four single gallons. Each gallon is concentrated, and makes up to 5 gallons of hot stripper! That is enough to do a typical deck or both sides of a 75' five-foot privacy fence.

This stain and sealer remover is unbelievably hot! It strips oil deck stains and finishes the first time, every time. Made for the toughest stripping jobs out there. Severe Strip Deck Stripper works on all oil-based deck sealers, semi-transparent deck sealers and solid color stains.

Used straight and given enough dwell time, this product will break down acrylic sealers and cut through most varnishes and urethanes so that they can be removed with high pressure.

We have thickened the formula so that it can be applied in a thick layer on vertical surfaces, the most difficult challenge in deck restoration.

Take a look at this HOT deck stripper for the same cost as ordinary caustic strippers. You can easily adjust the strength to match the job, too, just by adding more or less water when you mix it.

Several contractors use this deck stain remover as their primary deck stripper on wood restoration jobs. This deck stripper cuts through sealers and stains so fast (sometimes just a minute or two) that you can begin the wash process right after applying.

Caution: Like all extreme deck strippers, this product can damage latex and acrylic house paint. For experienced contractors only, please.

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Severe Strip Deck Stripper And Stain Remover Even Strips Acrylics