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Ready Seal Deck Sealer Has Been Rated #1 By Professional Wood Restoration Contractors For 8 Consecutive Years.

Ready Seal Deck Sealer And Stain For Wood Restoration, One Gallon readysealgallon
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Ready Seal deck sealer and stain is the most "contractor-friendly" deck sealer for almost any type of wood. It dives deep into dry wood to protect it from the inside.

Rainwater cannot penetrate wood treated with Ready Seal. Instead, rain sits on top of the wood and evaporates back into the air.

The exceptional UV protection in Ready Seal means that wood will not "gray out" during the life of the product. In our own testing, we applied Ready Seal to tennis bleachers that were exposed to full sunlight all day and found that graying was held off for more than 6 years!

Because it dives deep into the wood, Ready Seal never forms a coating on top of the wood that has to be removed when you re-treat the deck. It can be applied or re-applied at any time, as long as the wood is thoroughly dry.

Available in 8 natural, customer-pleasing, semi-transparent stain colors.

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Ready Seal Deck Sealer And Stain, 1 Gallon Deck Stain