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Replacement Swivel For BE Whirl A Way Surface Cleaners. BE #85.790.004

Replacement swivel,surface cleaner,surface cleaner parts,Whirl-A-Way Flat Surface Cleaner Replacement Swivel, BE Part #85.790.004,16" BE-1600WAW,20" BE2000WAWY,20" BE-2000WAWS,22" BE-2200WAW,24" BE-2400WAWS,Stainless Steel
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Item # 92420B

Whirl-A-Way Flat Surface Cleaner Replacement Swivel, BE Part #85.790.004

This swivel Fits:

16" BE-1600WAW (Older models before 2011) 20" BE2000WAWY - Yellow 20" BE-2000WAWS - Stainless Steel 22" BE-2200WAW 24" BE-2400WAWS - Stainless Steel

The BE Whirl-A-Way surface cleaners are used to clean flat surfaces quickly, easily, and evenly. It can be used to clean brick, concrete, slate, patios, driveways and walkways and many other surfaces in half the time of using a regular wand.

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Replacement Swivel For Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaners