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PowerHouse™ House Wash 5 gallons

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PowerHouse™ #1 House Wash Chemicals Vinyl Aluminum EIFS, Stucco Siding

The Favorite for cleaning painted, vinyl and aluminum siding, brick, stucco, dry-vit and more.

Touchless aggressive cleaner, One jug cleans 12000 sqft. Apply and allow to dwell for about 10 minutes and just rinse off.

Mix with bleach to help remove mold, mildew and gloeocaspa magma.

Will quickly melt black streaks off gutters at stronger concentration.

A terrific degreaser as well. Foaming concentrated house wash & gutter cleaner.

The addition of our Lemon Scent helps mask the odor of bleach, which many contractors use as a part of their house-wash cleaning mix.


For house and building washing, dilute Power House at a 16:1 ratio. If you use a shooter tip or an X-Jet, you can find formulas below. (See “Excel spreadsheet” below.)

For removing those pesky black streaks, dilute the product 4:1 and wipe them off or shoot the soap up with your X-Jet and clean “touch-less”.

For soft-washing surfaces with Power House, you can make a 100-gallon batch by adding 6.25 gallons of Power House to a 100-gallon tank and topping the tank off with water. If you wish to add 12.5% bleach to the mix, add 9.5 gallons of bleach to the mix for every “1%” of bleach you desire. If you want a 4% mix, for example, add 6.25 gallons of Power House and 38 gallons of bleach and then top the 100-gallon tank with water.

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