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Belt-Drive Pumps

Belt-Drive Pumps for Pressure Washers

GENERAL PUMP T Series 47 This is the preferred pump chassis in the pressure cleaning industry! This is a proven design with more than 30 years of history.

  • Forged brass manifold with a lifetime warranty
  • Over-size connecting rods for maximum life
  • Solid ceramic plungers with continuously lubricated packings
  • Unitized SS inlet and discharge valves
  • Crankcase capacity: 40.6 ounces
  • Max temperature: 165°

    The Series 66 High Flow models feature longer-lasting seals and a new valve cap design for stronger high-flow performance.

    AR Pumps: AR triplex pumps feature forged brass manifolds, solid ceramic plungers, continuously lubricated packings and seals, oversized connecting rods.

    GIANT Pumps .Lifetime warranty on manifold, and a 5 year warranty on the gear end and the metal parts in the fluid end of these pumps.

    UDOR Pumps Ideal for replacing a belt-driven pump! These Udor pumps are the best-kept secret in the industry and are considered "bullet-proof" by many mechanics. They are extremely reliable and feature replaceable teflon-coated guides for optimum piston guide support. They also have a 20-ounce vented oil bath crank case for longer life.

    Other models are available from each of these manufacturers. A complete menu of parts is also available. Please call us for information.
    All of the following pumps are intended for belt-driven machines. Each pump is rated in PSI and GPM at a certain RPM for that pump. Some pumps may be run at one of two or three different speeds, resulting in different outputs. Your pulley arrangement will determine the final RPM of the pump. You may need to change your pulleys to achieve the proper RPM for the pump you select.

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