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PA Rotating Tubo Nozzle Tip, 5100 PSI

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Item#: PA-NOZ
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Rated for 190° F

This PA Turbo is one of our best values in rotating nozzles. These turbo nozzles show solid durability, great power, and put out an excellent pattern. The manufacturer says these nozzles are designed to allow you to start them in any position. For the small price, you will have a hard time finding a better turbo.

Rebuildable! NOTE: If you buy your turbo nozzle from us, we will discount the purchase of a rebuild kit for that nozzle by 10% to the original owner for life.

A rotating (or turbo) nozzle is designed to give you the impact force of a zero degree flat spray nozzle, but cover the surface area of a 25-degree cone. This large impact area is ideal for many cleaning jobs, including rust removal, tank cleaning, graffiti removal, brick cleaning, concrete, and more. A turbo nozzle can save you as much as half of the cleaning time needed with a 25-degree flat nozzle. It can typically pay for itself within as little as $200 worth of work.

As always, order your nozzle according to the size of your equipment. To see a Nozzle Chart and choose the correct size, please CLICK HERE.

We recommend adding an inline filter to protect your turbo nozzle. Our #5168 filter will thread into your nozzle and give you a QC plug to pop on to your standard lance.

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