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Keep Your Deckster In Top Shape!

Deckster Maintenance-Best Deck Sprayer For Deck Sealer And StainsThe Deckster is the application method of choice for cleaners and sealers by thousands of contractors all over the country. The tool is reliable and easy to use, and has the features that help deck restoration companies make more money.

Like all tools, occasional maintenance is necessary. Unlike a pressure washer or an airless sprayer, this is a simple tool to work on yourself. We want you to be comfortable troubleshooting problems and replacing parts when needed.

Here are a few troubleshooting ideas:

If the motor seems to run too slow and/or the output seems a little weak, the problem is likely the battery. Attempt to charge the old battery to fix the problem. Use an automatic trickle charge at a slow rate like 2 Amp or 5 Amp. The slower the charge, the better it is for the battery.

If the battery won’t hold enough charge to get you through an entire 8 hour day, replace it with a deep-cycle gel cell.

If the sprayer loses its prime, you probably have an air leak. Tighten all clamps and/or replace all of the short hoses connected to the pump itself. If that is not enough, chances are you might have a crack in the pump body itself. (This happens frequently when someone allows the sprayer to tip over and fall.) You can buy a replacement pump body (the black plastic part with the pistons inside) very inexpensively. Call us for your parts.

If the motor runs hard but the output is low, you might have a filter that is partially clogged. Clean the filter screen or replace it regularly. HINT: The filter is plumbed so that you can see the dirt on the outside of the screen. We did that on purpose to make it easier for you to inspect.

If the pressure adjusting regulator no longer raises or lowers the output of the sprayer, it usually must be replaced. If you do take it apart to see what makes it tick, be careful to re-assemble it with the little plastic “button” piece installed on top of the spring (instead of near the brass knob). This is a common mistake that leaves the sprayer unusable.

If you still have problems with the performance of your Deckster, consider rebuilding the pump. This operation is a simple “parts replacement” job which can be done in minutes using a simple allen wrench. We have all of the parts you will need in stock. The secret to rebuilding a Deckster pump successfully is to orient the little dime-sized valves properly. Pay close attention when you disassemble the pump, and draw yourself a picture showing the direction of each valve. This will save you lots of time trying to figure out why the pump doesn’t pump when you put it back together.

You don’t need to have an engineering degree to tackle Deckster maintenance. All you really need to teach yourself to be a Deckster Master Mechanic is to take your time and put it back together the same way you took it apart. The biggest nightmares we have heard about from contractors occur when employees take a machine apart in the middle of a customer’s lawn and reassemble it improperly.

The trickiest part of re-assembly is to orient the four valves properly. Two face one way and two face the opposite way. Make yourself a diagram or take a digital picture as you take the pump apart, and it should go back together easily and fire up properly.


Deckster Maintenance-Best Deck Sprayer For Deck Sealer And Stains