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Ipc Eagle Reclaim Vacuum Pressure Washer Part

Ipc Eagle Reclaim Vacuum Pressure Washer Part 92527
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Item # 92527

The IPC Eagle Reclaim Vacuum really is a compact powerhouse. It is rated at 202 CFM and 87" of lift.

This is a custom-spec model made for Sun Brite Supply of Maryland. Don't be confused with similar models found elsewhere. This machine has double the vacuum power, a large tank, and it comes with a 50-foot 2" hose instead of the standard 10' by 1.25" hose.

Here's what is so special about this vacuum! We have set it up with a 2" hose so it will adapt to any Mosmatic vacuum surface cleaner or a Vacu-Berm. With the 21" Mosmatic, for example, this vacuum is powerful enough to suck the pavement almost dry as quickly as you clean!

The two-motor, two-stage vacuum system has all the power you need to collect your wash water before it can run into the storm drain. Light weight and portable, it is easy to move between your work area and your truck.

Constructed mostly of polyethylene, the tank will stand up to strong cleaners with minimal maintenance. It has a 24-gallon capacity and the auto-pump-out (a third electric motor) discharges at 40 GPM for trouble-free operation - without you having to empty out the tank every five minutes.

It rolls around effortlessly on four casters.

This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways for a contractor to comply with environmental demands of customers and local authorities. It is a great value to operations that move from job to job throughout the day, where portability is a key factor.

We have demonstrated this power-packed vacuum connected to a 21" reclaim surface cleaner in front of several groups of contractors, where it easily picks up the water put out by a pressure washer before it can run to the street.

Comes standard with 50' of 2" vacuum hose that will connect to most vacuum surface cleaners. It also comes with a complete auto pump out feature.

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Ipc Eagle Reclaim Vacuum Pressure Washer Part