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Black Knight Model 624 Belt Drive Hot Water Super Skid Pressure Washer W/Free Freight

Black Knight® Model 624 Belt Drive Hot Water Super Skid Pressure Washer W/Free Freight 93210
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Item # 93210

Today, power and performance at an affordable price means more than ever! Check out the newest Black Knight hot water skids.

Features a 3,500 PSI, 8.0 GPM belt-driven General Pump #TSF2021. The engine is an electric start GX690 Honda. It comes complete with a battery and 15 gallon fuel tanks.

This Black Knight model uses a 12VDC igniter (which eliminates the need for a 120v generator and helps keep the purchase price and maintenance costs down). The stack is mounted horizontally, which can help minimize the problems caused by corrosion over time.

This unit features a powder coated frame, a stainless coil wrap, a Schedule 80 coil, an adjustable thermostat, over-temp protection, over-pressure protection, and a 4-groove drive belt.

The system can be fueled using either fuel oil or #1 diesel to produce 200° F hot water. The automatic burner control turns the burner off whenever the flow of water stops. The heating fuel tank has a 15 gallon capacity and the heater uses fuel at about 2.5 gallons per hour.

This machine features a downstream detergent injector with 20% metering capability.

Comes with a full array of accessories, including an assortment of spray nozzles, quick-connects, a trigger gun and insulated wand, and fifty feet of gray non-marking hose. It also comes with a combination tach and hour-meter, an air valve inlet for easier winterizing, a Relaxed-Action trigger gun, and more! See, it's got what you WANT!

The engine is warranted by Honda for THREE YEARS and the pump is warranted by General for FIVE YEARS. All Black Knight pressure washers feature Honda or Vanguard engines and General or HP pumps, so servicing them is easy. We carry a full line of service parts for Black Knights for your convenience.

3500 PSI, 8 GPM General Pump.

At only 36" wide and 48" long, this unit packs a lot of power in a small space. It sits just 42" high and weighs approximately 800 lbs.

90 day Warranty on incidentals (gun, hose, etc.)

Black Knight Model 624-G Skid Pressure Washer PartBlack Knight Model 624-G Skid Pressure Washer PartExactly like the Model 624, but includes a 120-volt burner and a 2500 Watt generator to power that burner. Rated at 8 GPM, 3000 PSI.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day


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Black Knight Model 624 Belt Drive Hot Water Super Skid Pressure Washer W/Free Freight