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Fleet Brite Truck Wash-5 Gallon

Fleet Brite® Truck Wash-5 Gallon 94510-5-(5-Gallon)
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Item # 94510--5-Gallon

100% BIO-DEGRADEABLE! Extremely aggressive truck wash detergent. Ideal for cleaning the insides and outsides of fleets of commercial vehicles in record time. Cleans and brightens aluminum and painted surfaces without damage. Easily and quickly removes bugs, road tar, and the magnetic road film that forms on big rig trailers. Brushless formula. Rinses easily.

Our most popular truck wash concentrate. Ideal for fleets like UPS and Frito-Lay, where a quick aggressive cleaner like Fleet Brite will get you done with the job faster with GREAT results!

DIRECTIONS: Works in hot or cold water. With hot water, dilute at 100:1. With cold water, dilute at 50:1. Always clean from the bottom up and rinse thoroughly from the top down.

Extremely economical to use! One gallon cleans as many as 8 typical step vans or as many as 3 tractor-trailer rigs!

This product is also available in 30-gallon and 55-gallon drums. Call us for details!

Fleet Brite Truck Wash 55 GallonA super-concentrated kit that makes 110 gallons. This kit only weighs 140 lbs, so freight to you is as low as possible.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Fleet Brite Truck Wash-5 Gallon