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EZ Off™ Composite Deck Cleaner

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Approved by composite deck manufacturers, including TimberTech!

A "Minimum-Impact" environmental cleaner and stripper for composite wood decks. EZ Off is formulated with moderate alkalines and low-sudsing surfactants. It will also gently strip most semi-transparent oil sealers from decks and fences, no matter what kind of wood. It conquers heavy mold and aids in algae removal. Can also be used for concrete cleaning and other general cleaning applications.

Why use New EZ Off? The convenient "Job Size" 2-pound jar mean "fresh every time" strength. We color-keyed the label so that you can easily identify it on the job.

Mixes easily with warm or cool water. Coverage is approximately 150 sq. ft. per gallon. Mixed according to directions, EZ Off costs only a penny or two per square foot to use.

NOTE: Always follow the use of EZ Off with Wood Britener to neutralize the chemical action of the stripper and return the wood to the propoer color and pH level for sealing.

A 6-Pack of 2-pound jars makes up to 32 gallons of stripper/cleaner. A 6-pack of EZ Off comes with a convenient measuring scoop, too!

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