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Hot Water Skids Pressure Washers

Hot Water Skids Pressure Washers

Why do we like these Pressure Pro hot water skid power washers?
Pressure Pro hot water pressure wash skids have all the right stuff. Solidly built, run-tested, and ready for work! The footprint for these machines is smaller than ever, and the power is amazing.

Some of these units use a 12-volt igniter, some use a 120-volt generator for burner power. The 12-volt units are less expensive to buy, are slightly lighter, and work beautifully with proper maintenance. The 120-volt units require a little less maintenance. BTW, those generator models use 99% of their power for the burner igniter, so you cannot use the generator to power anything else while the burner is on.

All of these skids feature a powder coated frame, a stainless coil wrap, a Schedule 80 coil, an adjustable thermostat, over-temp protection, over-pressure protection, and a 4-groove drive belt.

The burner system can be fueled using either fuel oil or #1 diesel to produce 200°F water.. The heating fuel tank has a 15 gallon capacity and the heater uses fuel at about 2.5 gallons per hour.

All of these skids feature a downstream detergent injector with 20% metering capability.

Here's your opportunity to save hundreds with our everyday discount prices when you order your new pressure washer from Sun Brite Supply of Maryland. These machines ship to you direct from the factory, fully run-tested and ready to perform your next cleaning job.

Why Buy A Hot Water Skid?
They provide excellent cleaning and oil-loosening power through the use of 200° water. Hot water will emulsify oil even without the added help of detergents.

Adding heat to your cleaning arsenal can reduce the time it takes to complete a job by as much as 30%, making this investment pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. If you spend an additional $4000 to buy a hot water pressure washer (and target $100/hour for your sales) then saving 40 hours will repay that expenditure. It takes about a month for most contractors to see about a 40 hour savings. You can do a lot more jobs in every month because you save so much time.

All of our hot water machines feature super high-efficiency burners. The output temperature of every burner is determined by the efficiency of the burner combined with the actual water inlet temperature.

If you are using a water tank exposed to the sun in a sunny climate for your water source, for example, your inlet water can easily be 100° or more. If you are using a well source, the inlet water might only be 54°.

Most heated power washers can add as much as 100° or more to the inlet temperature.

Most contractors use about 50% less cleaner when they switch to a hot water pressure washer. Using heated water can replace using cleaners altogether, but hot water actually supercharges detergents. A small dose of soap (about half of what you regularly use) will increase the efficiency of hot water and can boost your productivity significantly. Hot water plus a little detergent can cut your overall time by about 50% over cold water and no soap on flatwork.