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1/8 Meg Nozzle-Tip

1/8 Meg Nozzle-Tip For Pressure Washers

1/8" tips are used in surface cleaners, duct spinners, etc. We offer these nozzles by Spraying Systems because they are built with an internal diffuser that controls the accuracy of the flow through the nozzle perfectly. The orifices are specially hardened stainless for long life.

If you are changing the tips on your surface cleaner, you can use the standard nozzle chart to determine the best size to order.

The PSI output of your machine is equal at every nozzle, but your total GPM output is divided by the number of nozzles on your surface cleaner. If you have a 4000 PSI, 4 GPM pressure washer and a 2-nozzle surface cleaner, look on the nozzle chart for the intersection of 4000 PSI and 2 GPM (4 GPM / 2 nozzles). You would use a 2.0 orifice size for this set-up.

Rated to 5000 PSI.