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Easy General Hints About Pressure Washing For Pressure Washers

Easy General Hints About Pressure Washing For Pressure Washers

Some basic info for contractors:

  • Always soap from the bottom up and always wash from the top down.

  • Add powders gradually to liquids, never add liquids to powders.

  • Bio-Barrier and Wet Wax are both terrific 'up-sell' treatments for house-washing and similar work.

  • Always carry something whenever you travel between the truck and the job. It will save you time and trips during every job.

  • When doing flatwork with a surface cleaner, watch your effluent (used water). If it has a milk-ish look, then you are moving too slow and abrading the "cream" right off of the concrete. If you are moving too fast, you will leave obvious stripes.

  • Use a Nozzle Chart to figure out the proper tips for your surface cleaner. Divide your GPM by the number of nozzles, and then look up the proper size. Make sure your nozzles are on a 15-degree angle. Your surface cleaner will then operate at peak efficiency.

  • When doing house washes, set your equipment up so that you can get two sides of the house from one position. Then you only relocate once to finish the job.

  • When pouring any liquid from the spout of a 5-gallon pail, pour with the spout at the top of the pail rather than the bottom. You will eliminate "glugs".

  • If the soil you are cleaning is oily or contains atmospheric dirt, use an alkaline cleaner. If it contains minerals (such as rust) use an acid cleaner. If you don't understand alkalines vs. acids, call us and ask.

  • Wet Wax added to rinse water will make the cleaning job last longer and look better. This can be an extra-charge item if you prefer.

  • Carrying spare O-Rings in your toolbox will keep you working when one fails or blows out.

  • Never start your pressure washer without being sure that water is going through your system.

  • Never allow your pressure washer to idle without pulling the trigger at least once every minute or so.

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