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Belt-Driven High Volume Cold Water Portable Power Washer with a GX630 Honda engine

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NEW Lower Price, Belt-Drive, 20-HP Honda!

Rated at 5.5 GPM and 3500 PSI, this robust cold water portable pressure washer is well-balanced and light-weight! Powered by a Honda twin cylinder engine and a General Pump, this machine is up to anything you can throw at it.

Professionals know that flow (GPM) is much more important to a serious contractor than PSI rating. All of the tough work is done these days by the cleaners you use, and the incredible flow of a 5.5 GPM machine will rinse the loosened soil off the job 37.5% faster than a 4 GPM machine.

Most city services deliver more than 5.5 GPM to both residential and commercial water services - so you probably won't need any additional water supply beyond the customer's hose.

The picture shows the electric-start GX630 Honda twin-cylinder engine driving the huge General pump on this phenomenal power washer.

The Model 420 has an aircraft aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty, a mesh inlet filter, an EZ-Start unloader, pneumatic tires, and Thermo-Sensor (to prevent overheating) - It's got what you need!

It also comes with a 50' gray non-marking hose, an hour-meter, a Relaxed-Action trigger gun, and more! See, it's got what you WANT, too!

The engine is warranted by Honda for THREE YEARS and the pump is warranted by General for FIVE YEARS. The aircraft aluminum frame is warranted for LIFE! This pressure washers feature a Honda engine and General pump, so servicing them is easy. We also carry a full line of service parts for these pressure washers for your convenience.

High flow means faster jobs and bigger profits. What are you waiting for?

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