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This pressure washer is a professional's choice! All the features that bargain pressure washers don't have. Pick up one of the beautiful belt-drive cold water portable pressure washers today!

Black Knight® Model #413 Cold Water Belt-Drive Portable-With Free Freight 93201
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Item # 93201

Step up to DURABILITY, POWER and QUALITY! This heavy-duty Black Knight Model 413 pressure washer has all of the special features you really need to be competitve while keeping your costs down. Available to you from Sun Brite Supply of Maryland at the same price as lesser power washers from other dealers!

This sure ain't no "bargain" power washer! All decked out, with specs like the GX390 Honda engine, the TS4040 General pump, a bigger stronger aircraft aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty, a mesh inlet filter, an EZ-Start unloader, oversize pneumatic tires, and Thermo-Sensor (to prevent overheating) - so it's got everything you need!

Because this is a Black Knight, it also comes with
  • a 50' gray non-marking hose (instead of cheaper black hoses)
  • a combination tach and hour-meter
  • EZ Winterizer air valve for easiest winterizing
  • a Suttner deluxe Relax Action trigger gun

    See what we mean? The other guys don't give you any of these deluxe features!

    The GX390 engine is warranted by Honda for THREE YEARS and the pump is warranted by General for FIVE YEARS. The aircraft aluminum frame is warranted for LIFE! All Black Knight pressure washers feature Honda engines and General pumps, so servicing them is easy. We carry a full line of service parts for Black Knights for your convenience.

    4000 PSI, 4 GPM, General Pump

    Includes gun, wand, 50' hose, nozzles, 20% chemical injector assembly, and quick-connects.

    Finance this pressure washer for as little as $54 per month, or lease it for as little as $35 per month! Call us for details!

    We have no control over engine color from Honda. Please do not request a specific color.

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