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Double Dip ,Stainless Steel,,Chemical Injector For Pressure Washers

Double Dip ,Stainless Steel,,Chemical Injector For Pressure Washers 90430
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Item # 90430

Stop Pre-Mixing House Wash Cleaners! This amazing dual-port injector is ideal for those who want to downstream two cleaners together. If you wash houses using a shooter tip, for example, this will allow you to downstream PowerHouse® through one port and bleach through the other!

No more guessing just how much to mix up ahead of time! Simply drop one downstream tube into your bleach tank and the other into your jug of PowerHouse®. Your cleaners mix automatically, the same every time.

Made from stainless (to stand up to corrosive cleaners like bleach) this dual-port injector includes both Quick-Connects (also stainless). Fully adjustable proportions possible through plastic inserts, which are also included.

For house washing with a 4 GPM pressure washer, for example, simply use the gray insert on the PowerHouse side and no insert on the bleach inlet. The resulting mix is the perfect house wash blend.

For other combination cleaner mixes, you get a full range of inserts that will allow you to fine-tune your mix. Never pre-mix again. No more "too much" or "too little" at the end of the job. Less waste means more profit.

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Double Dip ,Stainless Steel,,Chemical Injector For Pressure Washers