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Turbo Nozzle, Rotating Turbo Tip Nozzle

Turbo Nozzle, Rotating Turbo Tip-Nozzle For Pressure Washers

Cleans with the impact of a 0-Degree nozzle, spread over the pattern of a 25-Degree nozzle. Cuts cleaning time in half for jobs like flatwork, rust removal, paint and graffiti removal, brick cleaning, boat cleaning, and new-construction clean-up. Any time you have a hard surface with a tough deposit you want to remove, a turbo nozzle is the right tool for the job.

If you do flatwork (concrete cleaning) a turbo nozzle is an important part of your tool arsenal. Even though a surface cleaner is much faster for the flat surfaces than a turbo nozzle would be, the turbo nozzle will get the "non-flat" surfaces like curbs very quickly.

Powering through the deposits that accumulate on fiberglass boat hulls is easy with a turbo nozzle. You can downstream a strong acidic cleaner like Brick Clean through a turbo nozzle and get down to the fiberglass hull faster than with any other tool we have found.

NOTE: We highly recommend using a high-pressure filter with any turbo-nozzles to prevent small particles in city water supplies from damaging the mechanism. See one at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Using this much power can dislodge little bits of concrete and dirt from the surface. Eye protection is always recommended when you use any turbo nozzle.

Call us with your exact model number to order rebuilding parts for your rotating nozzle. We handle most makes and models.

If you buy your turbo nozzle from us during 2011, we will discount any rebuilding kit by 10% to you for as long as you own the tool. Just save your receipt and give us the invoice number when you call to get this discount!